Exotic Scales Guitar Lesson

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Exotic Scales Guitar Lesson
Exotic guitar scales are great for creating mystical sounding music and in this video lesson from www.AceGuitarLessons.com you'll learn a cool hybrid scale known as the Double Harmonic Minor Scale, or Byzantine mode. We begin with playing the Phrygian Dominant scale in the key of E, with an added note (D#) borrowed from the E Harmonic Minor scale.
E Phrygian Dominant Scale TAB:
E Phrygian Dominant Scale Plus Hybrid Note:
This new hybrid scale is known as the double harmonic minor scale, because when you add the D# note it makes 2 harmonic minor transitions: D# - E - F. One note is directly before the root and one note is directly after it, both in the same scale. The 10th fret (D note) is not a part of the E double harmonic minor scale. The phrygian dominant and harmonic minor scale are relative modes - this means that the E Phrygian Dominant scale and A Harmonic Minor scale contain the EXACT same notes! E phrygian dominant is the 5th mode of the A harmonic minor scale. Harmonic minor scale comes from the natural minor scale (Aeolian mode) by moving the last note up one semitone (1 fret). Egyptian Sounding Example TAB:
Egyptian Melody TAB:
Alternating E String TAB:
Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs TAB:
Thanks for checking out this guitar lesson. There's more beginner to advanced guitar lessons at my site: http://aceguitarlessons.com.
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