Guide To Creating Your Own Scales

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Getting out of a rut is sometimes very hard. All technique exercises fail, no song makes fun when played and then guitar goes back to the case. One good way to pump up your musical attitude is to make a challenge, or a discovery. (The second one works greatly for me). Challenges are harder, but they give lots, lots of satisfaction when you reach your goal. So, once I decided to make a little discovery, and that's what I want to write about. I was always wondering how many scales can we play. I haven't found the answer, but here's the method what I came up with. As you know, scale is a set of notes, derived from one octave, using the interval recipe for it. We can use interval recipes in-between one octave, so the intervals we are able to choose from are : 1,b2,2,b3,3,4,b5,5,b6,6,b7,7. Mathematically, scale can consist from two to twelve notes. So, having that knowledge, let's make some discoveries! Hmm.. Let's play a new scale, using six notes. Pick the intervals randomly, or in your specific order, whatever. I choose 1(that one for sure), 3,4,b6,b7. And, I've just played it on my guitar with C note as a root, and I must say, that I like that one I came up with. The overall mood of it is kinda jumpy and happy. When I'll finish writing this article, I'll try to make some melodies with it. Woah, I'll create some chords derived from that scale, and improvise over them. Maybe, I'll change the key, and then write song with it ? That's what I'm talking about. Discovering new scale can lead you to find your own unique sound. When it's found - write it down if you like it. Try it in as many positions and keys as possible, use various techniques and dynamics, be creative - improvise! That kind of exercise can also make your fretboard knowledge better. The scale you've discovered may have a name already But who really cares about that? If you do, search some books or the internet for it, but remember that the most important thing is to find something really entertaining. If your scale fails to entertain or interest you, find another one. Remember, the less rules you stick to, the more original the effect will be. But mostly, have fun. Do you remember the procedure? 1. Decide How many notes will you use ( from 2 to 12) 2. Choose the intervals you want in your scale 3. Make some chords out of the notes you have 4. Improvise over them 5. Maybe write a song ? Be patient, be curious, be a musician. Remember, to rate, comment and like my facebook profile - and maybe, share it to your guitar playing friends? I'd be pleased! Writing lessons for guitarists all around the world, Daniel Kaczmarczyk
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