How to Use Guitar Modes for Beginners

Confused about modes? Don't know where to start? This super easy to follow lesson will clarify everything!

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How to Use Guitar Modes for Beginners
Guitar InfusionDo you feel stuck in your musical progress? Do you rely on the minor pentatonic scale way too much? Do you feel that you would benefit from learning modes but feel overwhelmed with all the theory? This super easy lesson will clear up everything!

Instead of seeing modes as complex scales to memorize, see them as different alphabets. Those alphabets will allow you to speak in different languages and communicate with other players. Each mode can be seen as a country, and all you need to do to visit those countries is to know the corresponding musical alphabet. Simple, right?

Approaching the modal subject this way will revolutionize your thinking. You no longer have to over think anything, just learn the musical alphabet and make your own words (licks). Practice well!

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    Some of these Guitar "lessons" are nothing more than self promotion pieces with big buzz words but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I'm a man of analogies when I explain something that is foreign to someone. Although he doesn't go in to total depth it's a nice way to introduce a "scary" topic and how the minor pentatonic can play with and in to the surrounding modes. Good Stuff.