Identify Modes by Ear

Know how you can inherently tell the difference between a happy and a sad song? Let's further develop the ear to identify all the modes!

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Identify Modes by Ear
As most people grow up with the major scale (Ionian mode) and the minor scale (Aeolian mode) playing all around them in songs, films, and TV advert jingles, it's of little wonder why most people can instantly tell the difference between a happy song and a sad song.

It's all to do with familiarity. And like with the Ionian and Aeolian, you can develop familiarity with the other 5 modes too, eventually leading to the point where you can identify any mode by ear.

Join me for this quick interactive video lesson on how you achieve precisely this ability!

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    Nice lesson - it gives the information required briefly and says "have fun thinking and learning". Considering this is the basis of Education theory, you'd have to wonder why most people think "lessons" should be one person telling you something they think and then "Repeat this until you're good like me".. Very nice. And a good idea.
    I can't seem to reply to comments. Anyway yes I have messed around with that scale, the Aeolian dominant, but not extensively. Thanks for reminding me. I love the way you describe it CrispyKids! Will definitely use it for tomorrow's jam practice
    Have you ever worked with the Mixolydian scale but with a flat 6th? it really emphasizes that desert feel but in an uplifting way more than the phyrgian or harmonic minor would.