Little Known Pentatonic Modal Trick

In this lesson we'll learn how to create new pentatonic-like shapes that will work over any mode.

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Little Known Pentatonic Modal Trick
Playing modally can be challenging at first. Not only do you need to be aware of which notes really bring out the color of the mode you are using, but you also need to learn positions that are a bit more complex than the traditional pentatonic scales.

This lesson will help you dive into modal playing without having to memorize completely new positions. 

The trick is to take a full mode in a narrow area of the fretboard, and randomly select two notes per string to build a new custom position. Doing so will help players who are comfortable phrasing with traditional pentatonic scales feel more at ease when transitioning to more complex scales. This is due to the fact that you are now using a position that feels like a pentatonic scale because it is built using two notes per string.

Forcing yourself to play with these new custom built positions will really help you get a feel for what playing modally means. It will help you sound more sophisticated while helping you feel at home faster than if you had to learn completely new modal positions.

Practice well!

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