Position Shifting

author: shadowmaster036 date: 02/04/2011 category: guitar scales and modes
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Hi everyone, this is my first lesson so I'll try my best. Don't you hate when you're learning a new song or lick, and when you need to shift 4 or 5 positions and you get that annoying buzzing or you shifted to far. Well here's a few exercises that I've come up with to help those of you with the same problem. I found it works best to start in the ninth position, for the beginners out there, that means that your index finger is on the ninth fret. However you can use this exercise anywhere on the fretboard.
     9th         10th        9th        10th        9th        10th 
Then simply reverse it and go back up.
      10th         9th        10th       9th        10th         9th  
I've found that when you're ascending it helps to look at where your index finger is going, and when descending to watch your pinky. Since it's the first finger hitting the note on the next string. That exercise only used shifts that are a fret apart. Next try shifting 2 frets.
And again, just reverse the pattern and work your way back up. Remember to take it slow and play all the notes clearly.
You can continue this for any number of shifts. Like I said before, I find it helps to start at the 9th position just because of where the fret markers are on my guitar. But you can change this up however you like. Use string skips, hammer ons, pull offs, reverse the pattern. Experiment with it.
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