The 9th: A powerful Add-On to Your Power Chords

Use the 9th interval to spice up your power chords and add some suspense.

Ultimate Guitar
I remember when I first started learning theory. Being into rock, I asked my teacher what made a power chord a power chord and he responded with a 5th (speaking about intervals). I came back to him with a thought: What if we added a 5th on top of the existing 5th? Would that be a "Super" Power Chord. Instead of shooting me down and saying "No. That's just an Add9 chord," he let me try it.

I've been obsessed with 9ths ever since. I often use the shapes explained in the video to substitute where I would typically play a power chord or I just add the 9th every once in a while to change things up a bit.

It's been a powerful tool in my playing and I hope you find some use for it in your own style.

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    Honestly a waste of time. I think anyone who's into rock/metal would've found this out just fucking around on their own; I know I did.