The Dominant 7th Pentatonic Scale

The Dominant 7th Pentatonic Scale has several ways that it can be superimposed upon Dominant 7th Chords to create all kinds of really cool melodic ideas.

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Essentially, this is a very cool version of the Pentatonic Scale and one that's definitely worth covering in a lesson. Some other names you might find for this scale are either the, Mixolydian Pentatonic, (or respectively in the old jazz circles), it's often called the, "Dominant 7th Pentatonic." It is also important to mention that this layout of notes could also be viewed as a, "Dominant 9th Arpeggio." But, whatever manner you decide to name this pattern, it has several different ways of being superimposed upon a Dominant 7th chord, (or over altered dominants as well). In the video I begin with a quick look at how the notes sit upon the fingerboard. Then I will run through the scale degrees. I wrap-up by taking things onto the fingerboard by moving into some of the possible applications of this scale. Watch the video lesson below:
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Head over to My Website and download the free PDF handout with all of the examples from the video in TAB, as well as, a free MP3 Jam-Track for this guitar lesson.

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    I think you're a great player, and explain these concepts very well for what they are. I'm still not thoroughly convinced however that you should approach all these scales as separate, unique identities rather than simple variations of the major or minor scales.
    and i like it to, think you have a great way of teaching, there again, i am here to learn not criticize.. thank you my friend, and its free....
    Who knew mr. Bean played the guitar so well, lol. Just kidding around, it was very complicatedly (if that's a word) explained. Not all of us musicians could afford to go to the university to major in guitar theory... Lol.
    Quite a few of us have also taken the time and put forth the effort to learn this sort of thing on our own in order to be able to use really well thought out, deliberate lessons like these to our advantage.