Third Lines: CAGED Position

author: MotMandre date: 05/21/2010 category: guitar scales and modes

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Prerequisites for this lesson: Before you begin. You should understand CAGED, chords and major scales. You should know your scale degrees and how they are used to construct chords and arpeggios. There are excellent lessons on this site to teach you those things if you don't know them yet. It is not in the scope of this lesson to teach you anything except the 10 CAGED third lines. You must have a desire to learn and willingness to put in some serious time. This is Part II of a series on third lines. You should have learned "third lines one note per string" lesson which I posted here and completed the away from the guitar exercise and have already made the chart. Make your own, if you don't understand the instructions, read the comments and see where you can find a picture of a completed chart. If you have not taken that lesson please do so first. While the fingerings for this lesson are easier than the fingerings for the One Note Per Line fingerings, visualizing the concept is not as easy. In practice each has it's own advantages. You can find Part I here. OK on to the lesson: Things we know: (see prerequisites) There are 5 CAGED major scale positions. C,A,G,E and D. Thirds are every other note. 1,3,5,7,9 aka 2,11,aka 4,13 aka 6,then back to 1 the Tonic. etc For illustration purposes, I have made every other note, an X or an O below for the C shape only. First I show you all the X's, then the O's. They make up the Third Lines. 2 per CAGED position time 5 Positions = 10 lines. Learn these lines, Make a chart. Practice them as you did the one note per string lines, learn them inside out and in pieces, not just the whole line and relate them to your shapes. These do not lend themselves to sweeping as easily as the one note per string lines, but it can be done with hammer on and pull off techniques. Get them in your memory first with alternate picking. Since there is Overlap, to draw your chart of these 10 patterns, use two neck diagrams with scale degrees. Put C,G and D Shapes on the Top neck, and, A and E on the bottom. Use different colors to connect the the X notes and the O notes. Like connect the dots sequentially. The X and O lines will cross, but not lay on top of each other. In ascending order, you will connect notes in this order, 1,3,5,7,2,4,6,1,3 etc. I'm sure that once you have done what I have instructed, that you will have found this lesson to give you some great musical ideas and insight into how notes are laid out on the guitar. Part III of this series is all about applying the 17 lines from these lessons to Scales, modes, chords, arpeggios, playing the changes and soloing. I'm not giving away free fish here; do the work and you will have a net guaranteed to catch lots of fish.
     C SHAPE Major Scale
E|   --|-3--|-4--|----|-5--|--  --|-X--|-O--|----|-X--|--    
B|   --|-M7-|-T--|----|-2--|--  --|-O--|-X--|----|-O--|--    
G|   --|-5--|----|-6--|----|--  --|-O--|----|-X--|----|--    
D|   --|-2--|----|-3--|-4--|--  --|-X--|----|-O--|-X--|--    
A|   --|-6--|----|-M7-|-T--|--  --|-O--|----|-X--|-O--|--    
E|   --|-3--|-4--|----|-5--|--  --|-X--|-O--|----|-X--|--    
     C Shape Third Line 1  
E|   --|-3--|----|----|-5--|--  --|-X--|----|----|-X--|--
B|   --|----|-T--|----|----|--  --|----|-X--|----|----|--
G|   --|----|----|-6--|----|--  --|----|----|-X--|----|--
D|   --|-2--|----|----|-4--|--  --|-X--|----|----|-X--|--
A|   --|----|----|-M7-|----|--  --|----|----|-X--|----|--
E|   --|-3--|----|----|-5--|--  --|-X--|----|----|-X--|--
     C Shape Third Line 2
E|   --|----|-4--|----|----|--  --|----|-O--|----|----|--
B|   --|-M7-|----|----|-2--|--  --|-O--|----|----|-O--|--
G|   --|-5--|----|----|----|--  --|-O--|----|----|----|--
D|   --|----|----|-3--|----|--  --|----|----|-O--|----|--
A|   --|-6--|----|----|-T--|--  --|-O--|----|----|-O--|--
E|   --|----|-4--|----|----|--  --|----|-O--|----|----|--
               A SHAPE Major Scale
E|             --|----|-5--|----|-6--|--  
B|             --|----|-2--|----|-3--|-4  
G|             --|-6--|----|-M7-|-T--|--  
D|             --|-3--|-4--|----|-5--|--  
A|             --|-M7-|-T--|----|-2--|--  
E|             --|----|-5--|----|-6--|--   
E|             --|------5--|----|----|--  
B|             --|----|----|----|-3--|--  
G|             --|-6--|----|----|-T--|--  
D|             --|----|-4--|----|----|--  
A|             --|-M7-|----|----|-2--|--  
E|             --|----|-5--|----|----|--   
E|             --|---------|----|-6--|--  
B|             --|----|-2--|----|----|-4  
G|             --|----|----|-M7-|----|--  
D|             --|-3--|----|----|-5--|--  
A|             --|----|-T--|----|----|--  
E|             --|----|----|----|-6--|--   
                              G SHAPE Major Scale
E|                            --|-6-------|-M7-|-T--|--  
B|                            --|-3--|-4--|----|-5--|--  
G|                            M7|-T--|----|-2--|----|--  
D|                            --|-5--|----|-6--|----|--  
A|                            --|-2--|----|-3--|-4--|--  
E|                            --|-6--|----|-M7-|-T--|--   
E|                            --|-6-------|----|-T--|--  
B|                            --|----|-4--|----|----|--  
G|                            M7|----|----|-2--|----|--  
D|                            --|-5--|----|----|----|--  
A|                            --|----|----|-3--|----|--  
E|                            --|-6--|----|----|-T--|--  
E|                            --|---------|-M7-|----|--  
B|                            --|-3--|----|----|-5--|--  
G|                            --|-T--|----|----|----|--  
D|                            --|----|----|-6--|----|--  
A|                            --|-2--|----|----|-4--|--  
E|                            --|----|----|-M7-|----|-- 
                                        E SHAPE Major Scale
E|                                      --|-M7-|-T--|----|-2--|--  
B|                                      --|----|-5--|----|-6--|--  
G|                                      --|-2--|----|-3--|-4--|--  
D|                                      --|-6--|----|-M7-|-T--|--  
A|                                      --|-3--|-4--|----|-5--|--  
E|                                      --|-M7-|-T--|----|-2--|--  
E|                                      --|-M7-|----|----|-2--|--  
B|                                      --|----|-5--|----|----|--  
G|                                      --|----|----|-3--|----|--  
D|                                      --|-6--|----|----|-T--|--  
A|                                      --|----|-4--|----|----|--  
E|                                      --|-M7-|----|----|-2--|--  
E|                                      --|----|-T--|----|----|--  
B|                                      --|----|----|----|-6--|--  
G|                                      --|-2--|----|----|-4--|--  
D|                                      --|----|----|-M7-|----|--  
A|                                      --|-3--|----|----|-5--|--    
E|                                      --|----|-T--|----|----|--  
                                                       D SHAPE Major Scale
E|                                                     --|-2--|----|-3--|-4--
B|                                                     --|-6--|----|-M7-|-T--
G|                                                     3-|-4--|----|-5--|----
D|                                                     M7|-T--|----|-2--|----
A|                                                     --|-5--|----|-6--|----
E|                                                     --|-2--|----|-3--|-4--
E|                                                     --|-2--|----|----|-4--
B|                                                     --|----|----|-M7-|----
G|                                                     3-|----|----|-5--|----
D|                                                     --|-T--|----|----|----
A|                                                     --|----|----|-6--|----
E|                                                     --|-2--|----|----|-4--
E|                                                     --|----|----|-3--|----
B|                                                     --|-6--|----|----|-T--
G|                                                     --|-4--|----|----|----
D|                                                     M7|----|----|-2--|----
A|                                                     --|-5--|----|----|----
E|                                                     --|----|----|-3--|----
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