13th Arpeggios + Am13 Lick

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13th Arpeggios + Am13 Lick
Hello guys! I'm Johnny Andrew and this is a "1+1" lesson! I'm going to talk about 13th arpeggios and I'm also giving you a lick to practice and use! So let's begin!

First of all, a 13th chord is a chord that has 7 notes, the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th! So, if you think about it, it contains all the notes of the scale! When you actually play a 13th chord, you don't hit all of its notes, but this is another story. Here we're talking about arpeggios, broken chords, where you play the notes of the chord, one after the other.

To make things easier, I'm going to explain the arpeggio of the video, below. The same things can be applied in every 13th arpeggio...

So, in the following video, you can hear an Am13 arpeggio. The Am13 arpeggio contains every note of an A natural minor scale and also, all of the notes are a minor or major 3rd apart. The cool thing about containing all the notes of the scale, is that if you change your backing chords and still play this shape, you'll end up sounding like you play another 13th arpeggio, depending on the backing chord! For example, if you have a C major backing chord and use the following shape, you'll sound like you're playing a Cmaj13 arpeggio (in some kind of inversion)!

I don't think it can be more cool than this! Of course after the arpeggio, and again depending on your backing chord, you need to move differently in every occasion... Ok, this may be the coolest part, so enjoy and experiment!

Looking forward to listening to your opinions over this!
Cheers, guys & gals! \m/
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