2 String Sweeps With Descending Shred Lick

Miniature sweeps with a descending shred... 2 friends together at last.

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I was mucking around with some 2 string arpeggios and just messing with your standard 1, 3, 5 triad over 3 octaves and decided to add a descending run. I put a few different arpeggios together based on a chord progression in E minor with a cheeky moment or harmonic minor/dominant Phrygian at the end.

The chords are Em, C, G, B. The 4th chord B major has a D# in it changing the key signature from E Aeolian to E harmonic minor/B dominant Phrygian. Let's take a look at the exercise. (See diagram below)

You'll notice we do two 3 note arpeggios across 3 octaves and then work through a descending diatonic scale. If you know all the diatonic 3 note per string shapes in E minor the first 3 arpeggios and scale runs will be easier. The last run that goes with the B major arpeggio is a little bit less predictable due to it's sassy and exotic nature.

I really hope this exercise help you guys see a great use from these little 2 string sweeps as I've seen many players fall into the trap of over using 3 and 5 string arpeggios. This exercise will hopefully help you mix arpeggios with scale runs rather than always keeping both ideas separate.

Have fun with this one guys! Happy shredding!

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    It never fails... Whenever I watch your lessons I feel as if--since everything has been explained so well--I could play the licks in my sleep. Then I pick up a guitar...
    Hey, as a nooby I find really difficult to separate my fingers among 3 frets, does anybody know of exercises to practice finger stretching along the fret please? thanks
    scale practice over and over. assign fingers to each note. That should help a bit
    I hate to be a stick in the mud, but there's no such thing as a key of "E harmonic minor/B dominant Phrygian" - the whole lick is in E minor. In the part where you play over the Dominant you're simply using the D# as an accidental, not modulating key or something. Cool lick though!
    Thanks to these lessons I may just become able to wank, as the great Devin Townsend puts it. Great lesson, cheers man!
    I'd love to get your lessons on Guitar Pro! Any way to get it without doing it myself? Thanks man!
    Hey that's great Chris ,I keep an eye out for anything like this, i love the sweeps and exotic scales,Ive been doing me sweep-picking over the D shape triads ect and just messing about and mixing them up with the other chord shapes n scales,I watched this video and i now use this lesson as part of me S-P warm-up routine and ive been messing/expermnting and mixing this in with the other shapes ,, It actualy got me moving around a bit more...awsome thnks,look forward to the next lesson