Alcatrazz / Yngwie Malmsteen: 'Starcarr Lane' Video Lesson

In this video lesson, you will learn all the solo parts from the song "Starcarr Lane" by Malmsteen's band Alcatrazz.

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When it comes to neoclassical shred, we all know the name Yngwie J. Malmsteen, at least we should. Yngwie recorded "Rising Force," which is still known as the "bible of neoclassical shred music" but before that, he was involved in an other well known hard rock / heavy metal band called Alcatrazz.

Lots of fan still see Alcatrazz's "No Parole From Rock 'n' Roll," as one of Yngwie best guitar-works. One thing is sure, young Yngwie created with Alcatrazz some of the most creative and incredible solos. But enough said, what is my lesson all about?

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In this video lesson, you will learn all the solo parts from the song "Starcarr Lane."

The lesson begins with the intro lesson, then continues with the main solo.

This is a very advanced solo, so you should know all techniques like sweep-picking, alternate-picking. So I won't explain them.

Basically this solo contains all typical Yngwie licks.

Try to practice it first slowly, then increase the speed. Also take care of the rhythm, it helped me a lot, to master the solo.

Good luck, please tell me if you want to know something, or more tips.

This is my first ever lesson, so I'm really open for criticism!

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    Work on your technique a little and talk to the camera a little...not too much. A metronome would also help
    In my opinion, this album is one of the most underrated of all time. Yngwie's best work, and this song showcases Bonnet's incredible voice. Shame they only recorded the one album with this line up
    thanks for your comments guys ! I´ll take your advise and try to work on it ! cheers and thanks a lot