Am 3 Octave Shred Lick with Chris Zoupa

Hey guys check out this simple shred lick in "A" minor. An easy exercise for beginners and intermediate players to build shredding speed.

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When I was a wee tot in high school I was trying to find a way to shred triplets and just had a bad time.

I made up this exercise/lick for myself and students who were beginning alternate picking and speed building.

This lick uses the "A" minor/Aeolian scale (see diagram below).

As you can see it's pretty much the same idea over 3 octaves and only uses 2 three fingered shapes throughout the whole exercise. It's great for shredding across the fretboard and helps you guys avoid shredding in small boxes.

Enjoy the lick/exercise guys!

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By Chris Zoupa

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    Chris Zoupa
    Thanks Jens... And for everyone else with a bone to pick about the basics there are noobs and intermediate players on this site/the world too... They need love just as much, if not more than the rest of us.
    Hey, Chris, no need to explain yourself, man. I watch basically every one of your vids and learn something new every time. Keep it up! Don't let pricks with nothing better to do get you down.
    So this is the kind of exercice you do at 3am? Ok, I'm leaving...
    Chris Zoupa
    Thanks for the correction. In french (my mother tongue), we write exercice, hence the mistake. And, by the way, I was only trying to make a joke (which obviously failed). I didn't mean to make fun of you in any way. Hope you didn't take it bad
    I thought it was a great exercise... Cheers!!! Keep em Rolling and don't ever listen to any F**KTARDS!!!
    i've seen this lick a thousand times, no surprise here, no originality
    Chris Zoupa
    I remember you... You're that... Douchey negative guy. How's life? Is it getting tiring enriching the world with new content and putting smiles on people's faces all the time?
    I thought it was good. I'm definitely looking to improve my speed and get into shredding so thanks for the video!
    This guy makes new stuff pretty accessible to me. Which is pretty f***ing cool. But I'm looking forward to your tutorials, Guitar Jesus.
    Yea this is cool. Its a good practice. Also in the i think verse for Trivums Forsake Not The Dream there is this run in D minor. Thats also a good practice because its more put to use in a better context and shows how its used. Love your lessons buddy. Thank ya.