Bullet For My Valentine: 'The Last Fight' Guitar Solo Lesson with Chris Zoupa

Hi guys. Enjoy my easy step by step tutorial of the solo from "The Last Fight" by Bullet For My Valentine. A great solo to help you work on your arpeggios! Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate.

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TUNING: C G C F A D I've had many students over the years who asked to learn Bullet For My Valentine. One thing I've noticed is their solos are always relatively simple and sound a lot harder then they actually are. The majority of this solo is based around a few simple arpeggio shapes. If we were in standard tuning we'd be looking at a simple "E" minor, "D" Major and "C" major arpeggio across 3 strings, then ending on a 5 string "B" major arpeggio.
Once you get your head around those we can start looking at adding in the little trills at the start of the arpeggios and begin the descend into the ascend.
As you can see after the triplet trill (or hammer on into pulloff) the rest of the arpeggio is straight quavers (or eighth notes). This solo isn't too fast, but I would still recommend that you trying to alternate pick the whole thing. This is a great solo for beginner to intermediate shredders. Download tab here. Take care guys! Have fun with this one and happy shredding!
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By Chris Zoupa

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    While I don't really like BFMV anymore, they still make some killer solos. You should give Tears Don't Fall Prt. 2 a try. I'd love to learn that. You've inspired me to learn by ear a bit more but I'm not quite ready for that speed a piece.
    Am I the only one who thinks this solo sounds like the dethklok coffee jingle?
    Ha! I just went and listed to that again, and you're right! Good call!
    Great work, Chris, as always! Listening to this solo, it really strikes me as a combination of the first part of the (slow, middle) Master Of Puppets solo, and the very end of the solo for Nothing Else Matters. I know it's not exactly the same, but it sure feels like the same vibe.
    This was the first solo I ever learned how to play about a year after picking up a guitar (About the same time this album was released), and it's a great way to get your picking hand and playing hand in sync with each other to learn some more complicated stuff.
    What Is the key or root of this song ?What is the key ? The root of these arpeggio ? Because normaly in Key of Em , it's B minor and not B Major !!!And the same if G was the key, B is minor and not major !!Please Can you explain this ? THX so so much..
    The song is in D minor, not Em because they're playing in drop C and not standard. And it looks like the root note, at least for the first arpeggio is F major. Hope this helped a bit!
    Ok thx a lot axl, and sorry but i have Never learned notation or music ! I m self educated ! THX again .
    Thank you Chris! Really appreciate the explanation of whats going on