C Ionian String Skip Exercise With Chris Zoupa

Wanna improve your string skipping confidence and chops? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

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String skipping... We've all been there and hated it... And sure you can pretend that you won't need it, then one day it shows up in a song and you feel like silly goose. I've seen Paul Gilbert do a lot of string skipping over the years and I wanted to come up with an exercise to help build up my students (and you UG readers) chops and string confidence.

This exercise is in C Ionian (or C major) and works through box patterns of the scale with string skips and position shifts. Let's take a look at the exercise. (See diagram below)

Try to keep the triplet feel and alternate pick emphasis while play this exercise. If possible try to put it in a written or improvised solo as it creates some cool jumps in intervals.

Hope you guys dig the exercise and make it part of your practice routine.

Happy shredding!

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By Chris Zoupa

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    Seems like a cool string skipping exercise weird and esoteric to title it C 'Ionian' rather than just major though
    maybe he just wanted to be more precise about the used tone. Great lesson nonetheless, as always from Chris
    This is the first time I started looking at these lessons here on UG. I didn't realize this was here! I'm taking lessons right now from a 25+ yr guitar veteran! These will be a nice addition to the lessons. (am in the 2nd yr with this instructor) By the way, he is also a HUGE Satriani fan! ...Thank You!