Combining Mixolydian & Minor Pentatonic

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Combining Mixolydian & Minor Pentatonic
The blend we have when layering Mixolydian with the Minor Pentatonic has a lot to do with understanding musical intervals. The combined use of these scales allows us to have two different 3rd intervals. They are the Major 3rd, as well as, the Minor 3rd. This "dual thirds" sound is used extensively in many styles including; rock, blues, soul, funk, jazz, and even country & western music. However, since the application of these blended interval sounds with the Ma & Mi 3rd have their roots in blues, it is quite important to realize that the swing, (or shuffle feel), will also play an important role along-side of their use. Applying this rhythmic feel will be especially helpful in the early days of the blending of these Major & Minor third colors. In the video, I get things started by examining a few neck diagrams of how these two scales overlay their intervals upon the guitar neck. Then, I focus the camera onto the guitar fingerboard and demonstrate some musical lines, plus I will also play through some improvisations using these, "dual", scales. Watch the video lesson to learn more...
Head over to My Website and download the free PDF handout with all of the examples in TAB, as well as, a couple of free MP3 Jam-Tracks related to this guitar lesson.
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