Composing Solos

Okay people, it's great to practise scales and patterns and know all the theory in the world, but you have to be able to put it to practical use. So here, I've composed some short leads to show you a few different ways of writing leads. This one is played over a moderate rock groove.

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Okay people, it's great to practise scales and patterns and know all the theory in the world, but you have to be able to put it to practical use. So here, I've composed some short leads to show you a few different ways of writing leads. This one is played over a moderate rock groove. This first one is in A pentatonic minor. You can hear it with the rhythm accompaniment in the midi. It's played at 155 bpm. The chords played by the rhythm guitar are in brackets above the TAB. PH = Pinch Harmonic
(A5)                        (E5)                                  (C5)

                          (E5)                                   (A5)



Bar 1: This bar is a very straightforward melody in A melodic minor which allows the 'groove' to start implanting itself in the listener's mind as there's not much going on lead-wise. You generally shouldn't "go off" with a lead until the groove has had enough time to fix itself in the listener's mind; this time will be longer for grooves that are longer and more complex. Bar 2: This bar, to an extent, contradicts what I just said, as it is probably the trickiest and most complex lick in the whole lead! But, it does still work as I haven't gone outside the scale, and the speed is not sustained over a long period. It's a short, sharp, lick to grab the listener's attention momentarily and reassure them that I haven't fallen asleep. The reason it sounds complex is the wide interval leaps, with the use of the string skip and the open G string in a lick reasonably high on the neck. Bar 3: After Bar 2, I really needed to bring it back down a notch with another simple melody, finishing on the E in the next bar. Bar 4: This is just the sustained E note. The bar does include the beginning of the next phrase but as it really belongs as a lead-in to the next bar, I'll analyse it in the next bar. Bar 5: Now, it's just about time I jacked up the intensity properly, since the groove should be established in the listener's head by now. This lick is something like what an Yngwie Malmsteen or a Michael Angelo would play (although they'd play it faster; I didn't want to make this too tricky), its a Am7 arpeggio which I personally would play with sweep picking. It's all 16th notes; keep them even. Bar 6: This tapped trill is a classic 80's move which sounds kind of cool here. It's technincally 32nd notes, but don't worry about rhythm too much, just trill as fast as you can. The last 6 notes are another remnant from the 80's, legato speed triplets. It's a real Nuno Bettencourt/Joe Satriani type lick which comes in handy a lot; everyone should master their speed triplets, picked and hammered/pulled, they're useful and not tough. Bar 7: This is a simple pedal point lick to drop back the intensity again after the last two bars. Again, this is a Malmsteen type idea, but I slowed it down considerably from what he would play. But the slow speed sounds effective here, and it leads into the last bar well. Bar 8: The end. In a longer solo, say 12, 16, 24 bars, I'd pick up the intensity again after this bar, but this little fragment does the job of demonstrating the importance of contrasting intensities in a guitar solo, so I didn't think I needed to take it further.

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    Hmmm yea i got kind of lost. It dosent actually tell us lot how you made the solo. You jsut say its in a certain scale and thats it. Maybe right more about making our own rather than playing yours.
    UG stranger...why dont you go lick your spunk off those sticky porno mags u got? seems like ya have nowt better to do with your time...
    yea it was a great tutorial and it helped me to get started working on like pre- solo licks and stuff thanks
    cookie_master there are alot of ug strangers . only the nazi needs to die. good solo by the way. maybe u can guide us in making one instead of putting your own
    Pinch Harmonic= when u hit the string(usually high e or b but u can do it on all strings) with the pick and hold your thumb out directly behind it and hit it again but all on the same pick. So basically hit your string with the pick and the tip of your thumb. Its very hard to explain in words. It makes the guitar scream in other words, thats if u do it right. Pinch harmonic by the bridge pickup because it picks it up much better and gives a harsher sound. But every guitar is different. just find your sweet spot
    we want solos, we want solos!! teach me master grasshopper the ways to solo! more solos, more solos!!
    if its too much for you to understand to bitch about it, go practice, do other lessons, and come back when you're ready to work and learn
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    i wanna know how to composed solos with the scales ive already learnt.... rather then learn your readymade solo.....
    UG Stranger's posts seem to have no purpose other than a few weak attempts at ridicule. This is a good article. I've only been playing about 11 mos. so I don't know the difficulty level of the tab, but it looks and sounds like a good place for a beginner or intermediate player to start.
    I liked the tutorial it teaches you but you could explain things a bit better and also help us make our own rather than giving and example like most of the other people have said good work! And UG Stranger maby if you stoped posting ridiculas messages that no body has replied to and pick up your guitar and start playign you could stop making stupid posts. Good Job to the perosn that created this example and ROCK ON
    Enough bitching about UG Stranger. Good Example, but once again I would like to see how to make my own. Hence the title.
    thaaaank you briar30. instead of wasting time commenting about how bad the lesson was, why don't you hit that pretty blue button at the top left of your page...ya, the one with the arrow pointing left...goooood jooobbbbb. stop hating. you're obviously reading this lesson bc you would like to learn, negativity is counter-productive to that. read the lesson, take what you will from it, and be on your way. And to those who think this was such a crappy lesson, look at it in a theoretical sense. Take the time to figure out what scale they're using, chord progression, etc, and how all the notes intermingle. THAT, my friends, can give you a rough basis to how to COMPOSE a solo. I know me ranting about people posting hate is kind of contradictive, but I cannot stand watching all this hate for no reason. We're all here to learn. Rock on \m/
    the point here was NOT, i think to teach you HOW to do solos, completely from scratch; but instead was supposed to teach you a few riffs to include in your solos. Now, think about it like that, and go and play the tabs again.
    zack wlylde is good but he only knows how to play scales but he doesnt know how to create his
    i wish yngwie malmsteen would post tutorials here , or maybe adrian smith or rhandy roads or satriani or vai or petrucci or alexi laiho or kerry king or hanneman. nice lesson james
    i think its a good lesson, and ur bitching is really stupid... if u want pinch harmonics listen ta a zakk wylde record(BLS and some late ozzy) yull be served
    I have always done PH's at the neck pickup.. I was told it's best from the bridge pickup but it never seems to work. I thought the person who told me was just confused.. I'll start trying it again, maybe I will get the squeal I am looking for!
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    dude that didnt teach me shit about soloing or how to solo ive been playin guitar for 6 months ive thought my self everything includign soloing and shredding and i coudl also sit down and make a tab of ntoes in a pattern that was just the worst lesson ever
    hey...I see all this comments in all tutorials about midi files and exercise file and shit....where the heck are they? I can`t find them anywherE? WHERE`s that damn MIDI?
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    J.J. Marconi
    You are right. I don't under stand whay people keep dissing you for this. Keep up the good work!
    yeah i agree. i was going to post a lesson but all of the comments you get. cmon man people are only trying to help.
    Not bad
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    PunkMetalFreak wrote: jonrak wrote: i wish yngwie malmsteen would post tutorials here , or maybe adrian smith or rhandy roads or satriani or vai or petrucci or alexi laiho or kerry king or hanneman. nice lesson james dude... hate to tell you man but randy rhoads died in an effing car crash like 18 years ago lol
    yea man, randy died, and anyways, malmsteen has an article in a magazine, ultimate guitar, that gives tips