Composition Meets Improvisation

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Composition Meets Improvisation
One of my teachers while I was attending G.I.T. at the Musicians Institute used to always pound it into us that Improvisation is essentially, "Spontaneous Composition." Therefore, the better we could get at Composing in general, the better we all would eventually become at the art of Improvisation. I should add that the more well-rounded we can become with our knowledge and application of music theory - the more versatile we can become with how we both Compose and Improvise. If we, as a practicing musicians, are clueless with ideas from subjects such as; "Harmonic Minor," "Modal Interchange," or "Phrygian Dominant," then it goes without saying that our playing will be limited. More so, than those who are far more knowledgeable. In this lesson, I will not be focusing on a whole bunch of complex music theory - but rather, (for the benefits of working strictly on improvisation), I want build upon a solid group of simple soloing concepts. These concepts can apply to several different musical scenarios and styles. Eventually, you will begin to blur the line between the world where Composing meets Improvisation! Watch the video lesson below:
Head over to My Website and download the free PDF handout with all of the examples in TAB, as well as, two (2) free MP3 Jam-Tracks for this guitar lesson.
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