Constructing Melodic Solos (Random Method)

In this lesson I will show you how to construct a melodic solo using A-minor scale with random notes, but it can be applied to any other scale.

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For this lesson I assume you have basic understanding of chord-scale theory. I basically use these steps to come up with good solo. 1. Decide a chord progression. 2. Write down notes of chords (including 7ths & 9ths). 3. Randomly select notes of chords to make 8th note or 16th note solo. 4. Add time variation. 5. Add technique variation.

1. Chord Progression

First step is to decide chord progression for solo if its not there already. so for sake of simplicity will take progression for this lesson to be:
Am | C | G | Am

2. Write Down Notes of Chords

Am - A C E G B D C - C E G B D G - G B D F A

3. Write Down Random Notes From Chord (I Am Using 8th Notes) For Each Bar


4. Add Time Variation

Mow at this point you can add random time variation in your basic melody and remove some notes. I would use numbers to indicate note duration. so wholenote = 4; halfnote = 2; quarternote = 1 & eightnote = just letter
A(1)-E(1)-CECA | GE-C(3)|G(1)-B(1)-DFDA | E(4)

5. Add Technique Variation

Now you can throw in some legatos in this melody
With this method you can come up with lots of phrases. Anyways this was my first lesson so forgive me if there's any error in my writing.

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    Why would you choose random notes? That doesn't usually lead to anything great sounding. I wouldn't really call this making music. This is just putting random notes and rhythms after each other. Same as if you made a computer write a song (but it just takes more time this way). If you want to write something this way, just make a computer do it, it's way more effortless and the result is exactly the same. Computer can create lots of phrases of random notes in a couple of seconds if that's what you want to do. With this "technique" it just takes so much more time - and as I said, the result is the same, you are still using random notes so it doesn't matter if computer makes it or you make it. So I would say this is pretty useless.
    Really? I think you misunderstood what random in this article really means. Personally, I think all melodies and riffs are "random" to some degree. You know, there is no magic formula that will make you come up with a melody - it's all random at first, whether you come up with the melody in your head or on guitar it's just a good sounding note sequence. Of course you build up upon these sequences, but it's still random to some degree. My opinion, but that's what I think. It depends on the point of view.
    its not random notes its a experimental assortment of selected notes in order to produce a harmonic melody