Cool Licks: 6th Intervals In C Major

Check out this intended for Intermediate and Advanced players lesson (complete with video) for a cool way to utilize 6th intervals within the C Major scale.

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One of the coolest sounds to me on the guitar is the 6th interval - it always sounds so sweet to my ears. A 6th interval is essentially an inverted 3rd - if you don't know what that means, don't worry! This lesson will get right into showing you how to use the intervals, and you can read up on the theory later. The intervals in this example are Melodic intervals - meaning the notes are played separately and not at the same time, as opposed to harmonic intervals which are played together. The lick will be demonstrated here with a country feel, but this can be applied to pretty much any genre you can think of if you are creative. The video below will go through everything you need to know for now. Follow along with the TAB below the video and you'll be flying through this in no time!
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Check out the Tab for better understanding. Jason Wilford is a professional musician and guitar teacher in Mississauga, (Canada) Check out the Pro Guitar Studio website for more free resources, and to sign up for a free newsletter with tips for guitarists at any level.

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