'D' Dominant Phrygian Shred Exercise with Chris Zoupa

author: Chris Zoupa date: 05/26/2014 category: soloing
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'D' Dominant Phrygian Shred Exercise with Chris Zoupa
Being the shreddy guy I am, and also being a lover of the "Dominant Phrygian" (AKA Spanish Phrygian), I was messing around with some speed building ideas and I came up with this cute little number.

It's in the key of "D" Dominant Phrygian using straight triplets, and is essentially the same phrase played over 3 octaves in a descending manner. (See diagram below)

As you can see it has the quintessential "evil," Spanish sound but also has a very stylistically Yngwie Malmsteen sound to it.

This is terrific for speed building as you have 6 notes per string. I've found It's easier to build your speed working/shredding in even an number of notes per string (i.e. 2s, 4s, 6s etc). The reason I say this is that there's no grey area during string changes, mid shred passage. The even number of notes per string negates the dichotomy of whether alternate picking or economy picking is going to be the most effective for speed and cleanliness. The main reason being that you'll need to (or will naturally) be alternate picking all the way through the exercise.

Have fun with this guys. Try incorporating some elements of this into a solo or just use it in your practice routine! Happy Shredding!

By Chris Zoupa
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