Danzig: 'Mother' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa

Hey guys. Check out my step by step tutorial to the simple yet win guitar solo from the Danzig classic "Mother."

Ultimate Guitar
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Tuning: E A D G B E (Standard)

Who didn't love crusin' around in GTA San Andreas listening to this song and whomping people with baseball bats and ramming pedestrians with a motor bike? Lots of good times. I always loved this song and had an epiphany recently... "Learn that song Chris and put that shiz on YouTube!" And now I share it with you delightful Ultimate Guitar shredders.

This solo is pretty mostly made up of simple pentatonic licks played quickly, so there's nothing to be too scared of. As usual we'll break the solo down into problematic sections and I'll leave a link to the tab and YouTube lesson at the bottom of the article.

Section 1 Tips

The first half of this solo works with 2 box shapes of the B minor pentatonic. I think of it as the 5th shape working into the first. Let's take a look at both scales back to back. (See diagrams below)

I know they might seem like rudimentary or basic shapes but I think it's good to get the context of what the licks are built from. Let's take a look at the lick from the solo now. (See excerpt below)

As you can see there's a lot of legato and sliding in this lick. These techniques are crucial to give the lick speed (without shredding) and the cool blues rock flavour. Pay close attention to their placement and phrasing before the expressive and sexy bends. You can also use slides to join multiple different box shapes of pentatonic scales, diatonic scales or even different branches of arpeggios in your own playing.

Section 2 Tips

This section is pretty easy. Firstly let's get acquainted with the 4th box shape of the minor pentatonic in B minor. (See diagram below)

If you're well versed in the 5 pentatonic shapes, the scale above should look nice and familiar. Let's take a look at the excerpt from the song that we use this scale shape. (See excerpt below)

We're only using the first 3 strings (1e, 2b and 3g) in this section but it's probably good to see the scale as a whole first. Use your ring/3rd finger on the 17th fret bends and get some help from and other fingers that want to help with the full tone push. You will need your pinky to hit the 17th fret on the first sting whilst the bend is still being sustained. This takes a bit of strength and control but is a great rock move to add to your arsenal once it's been mastered!

Hope you guys have enjoyed that! Happy shredding!

Download tab here.

YouTube preview picture

By Chris Zoupa

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    Great lesson! Same notes, with all details! I already saw this video months ago, and I learned with this video. For those that have a guitar with 22 frets (like me), the last two notes (of the solo) can be played with harmonics from the 2nd string (B note), on the fret 17 (F note) with bend. Hi Chris Zoupa, could you make a lesson about the 2nd (final) solo of this song?
    operation ktulu
    You might be a better guitarist than me, but I actually have vomited on my dentist AND his assistant(s)! Take that ****er!
    When I was like 6 I went to the dentist and threw up on a girl's shoes, I think she was an intern, and she had to give them back to her friend a little later that day. Truth
    I. Hate. This. Song. Can anyone else not stand this song? It's nothing against Danzig...just something about this song that makes me immediately change the radio station. Anyway, I'm sure it's another great lesson by Chris. I hope UG is paying you!
    I don't hate the song, but I also don't care much for Danzig's voice. It's a really simple song with a standard hard rock progression. It's got a lot of raw energy that just embodies what a great rock song should be.
    Awesome, man. I looked up the tabs for this just yesterday so it's a happy coincidence I also have someone show me how to play it! Great work!