Def Leppard: 'Too Late for Love' Lesson

Learn a very basic yet awesome '80s rock piece.

Ultimate Guitar
The lesson is separated in 5 sections, which all include fullspeed and slow down tempo at 60bpm.
  • Section 1, that is basically the same as section 2 and 3 follows a great lick in E.
  • Section 4, that is probably the most challenging part is a very heavy metal based riff that adds a fast picked base note in A.
  • Section 5 contains the solo, it is in pentatonic and very basic but it just sounds imputendly great!
The lesson is meant to be as easy as possible, so this lesson is made for both beginners and advanced.

All you need to know is explained at the end! I assume that most of you can play this piece instantly!

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    When playing along with the band track it sounds pretty well spot on. These videos show how the complete band sound is essential for any band as only one instrument sounds hollow. So you aspiring guitarists should take note of this and remember it and blend your sound within a band framework.
    Thanks for watching, well you´re right, but the guitar during lesson is recorded with my cam and not with my shure sm57.. so it´s actually now my raw tone of the guitar, since the cam has not a that good mic to record haha, also was in clean channel, so that everyone can hear the tone better. But after all you´re right it´s a huge different cheers
    I really wish those who record tutorials would add a quick overview of the pedal setup so it's easier to get the sound close to the original. Great tutorial BTW!
    Hey, I keep it in mind! Thanks for the input. As for this, jcm2000, charvel san dimas, budda zenman overdrive ( gain and level on 5)normal od, would work aswell. Thanks and cheers