Diminished Arpeggios Guitar Lesson

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Diminished Arpeggios Guitar Lesson
Diminished chords and arpeggios consist of only 4 different notes that are each a minor 3rd distance apart. On guitar a minor 3rd is a 3 fret distance. This video lesson from aceguitarlessons.com teaches diminished arpeggios in the key of E.
The notes are the root (E), minor 3rd (G), diminished 5th (A#) and the major 6th (C#). Notice that each note is 3 frets away (minor 3rd) from the next note. In the first example we play the arpeggio on the e string. Diminished Arpeggio Pattern on e String:

The next thing we learn is sweep picked diminished arpeggios on the E B and G strings. A good picking pattern for this is Up on e, Up on B, Down on G, Down on B, Down on e - UP UP DOWN DOWN DOWN, as shown in the video. Sweep Picked Diminished Arpeggios:

When we get to the 12th fret position we play a cool descending diminished pattern often seen in neo-classical metal by artists suchs as Yngwie Malmsteen. Remember that the notes here are played in groups of three. Descending Diminished Arpeggios:

To finish off we play the diminished scale ascending then descending from low E to high E and back again across all six strings. This makes an interesting pattern on your fretboard as you will see! Ascending E Diminished Scale:

Descending E Diminished Scale:

Thanks for checking out this guitar lesson, other video lessons are also available on my Youtube channel.
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