Disturbed: 'Stricken' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa

Hey guys check out my lesson for the killer solo in "Stricken" by Disturbed. Level of difficulty: Intermediate.

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TUNING: C G C F A D This is a great solo. One of my favourites of all time. It's all relatively doable as long as you can deal with some pentatonic stuff and some melodic passages with a few slides and bends. If you watch my video you'll see me play the solo at the start and that I've divided the solo into 4 sections.
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Sections 1 and 2 are relatively manageable. The 3rd and the 4th section have some more advanced techniques and speed so let's look at those more thoroughly. Section 3 Tips: This works with some pretty fast legato/pulloff techniques. I would suggest that you keep your pointer finger flat across the first 2 strings to reduce superfluous movement. Try to avoid doing alternate picking in this section. Play it all down stroked as the speed will all come from your left/fretting hand. Section 4 Tips: Keep it slow to start. This is a relatively pentatonic idea with a few extra notes. It's a bit complex with phrasing as there's bends legato and slides. Be patient and try learn it in chunks and join it all together later at is can be a bit overwhelming at first. Download tab here. Take care guys! Happy shredding!

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    dan donegan is one of my absolute favorite guitarists, completely under rated, his riffs are super catchy and in disturbeds later albums, his solos are so tasteful, clear, and amazingly melodic
    have always loved playing this solo since i started playing, loved the creeping death solo lesson as well and hoping to see more
    I like the mixing on these videos. Most videos you cant differentiate between the recording and the player. You can actually tell Chris can really play this solo. Way to be
    my strings are already slim (ernie ball super slinky)... cant tune a step down :/
    Just transpose everything a step down. Makes the fast pentatonic part a bit stretchy but it's manageable.
    I've done Drop C with Super Slinkies before. It's doable. Maybe a bit loose, but doable. I play with Not Even Slinkies for this very reason.
    It's very difficult doing this with 12's Especially with my newb lead capabilities. Love the rhythm section under the solo though
    If you're just gonna learn the solo, you don't need to tune down. Just play in standard and change the tunings to Drop D in GuitarPro. You don't even need to drop D if it's just the solo. You can get a Drop C setup later if making a cover/etc.
    "This works with some pretty fast legato/pulloff techniques." That section pisses me off. Chris do you have lessons on that? The fast pull off/hammer on technique like mustaine uses in most of his parts? Thank you so much for your lessons.
    Do you take lesson requests? If so, I'd like to see Savatage "Power of the Night".