'G#' Diminished Arpeggio Lick with Chris Zoupa

Hey guys. Check out my "G#" diminished arpeggio lick to help your arpeggio chops!

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I'm an absolute sucker for diminished arpeggios as they are a really great tool for building tension and are very user friendly in Harmonic Minor and Dominant Phrygian contexts (which I've always enjoy playing in).

I like to join multiple branches of an arpeggio together much the same as I would jump between different pentatonic box positions when I'm soloing. Today's diminished lick starts from G# and works through multiple 3 string diminished arpeggio positions across the fretboard.

This kind of lick/idea is useable in metal and jazz if used sparingly. Let's take a look at the lick.

This lick is obviously transferable into any key or context where a diminished arpeggio is useable, which would generally be over a diminished chord or branching off a dominant 7th chord. You'll notice I've placed some hammer ons and pulloffs within the arpeggios to give them a little flavour and moments of legatoey smoothness.

Have fun with the lick guys!

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By Chris Zoupa

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    How do you not use a pick, yet play like you're holding a pick?? Awesome. Boss. Bossome.
    He answers this in I think his first FAQ. Basically he was used to using his fingers before picking up guitar, so he uses his nail as the pick.
    You win simply for having a PRS. Just got your album that features Jens on it. You two are my new teachers. Keep up the great work! -Cody
    I always love adding a minor six into a progression and making it diminished then resolve to the one chord! It sounds awesome! This lesson is eerie and awesome all at the same time! both you and jens have a great teaching structure/ way of teaching thats very approachable. Keep killing it Zoop
    Good lesson, I've always liked the suspenseful sound it has. And that's a beautiful guitar too.