Guitar Fanning

If you are a gun person and know what fanning a revolver is, you will love this lesson.

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Yes, that's right, fanning you guitar. I've never seen this put to use before, but once you find out how to, you'll be amazed. Guitar fanning is a technique that I came up with while practicing one day. You take the skills from teh hyper pick soloing lesson, only times that by ten. So that should tell you that this is very fast. If you haven't learned Hyper Pick Soloing, you should before you begin this. Guitar Fanning is basically the same thing as drumming your fingers on a table, only it's in a certain order on your guitar. Before you start, practice pick soloing, only do it on an open string really fast. The motion of your fingers is this: up and down very fast on one fret to get out of the way of the next note. You do this by popping the current finger up and the next down. try drumming on the counter or table with your ring finger first, your middle second, and your index last. Keep doing this until it is even and controled so that it sounds like straight 16th notes. Lift each finger after you hit the counter.
up, down, up, down up, down - repeat
 ring middle index
Once you get this down, you will be ready to do this on your guitar. Once you are ready, grip your guitar as if you are going to play it. After that, do the same exersize with your fretting hand on the fretboard. You will notice that it is backwards (ring finger is closest to the pickups and the index is closest to the head). This may confuse some people, but all you have to do it just do the same thing, only mirrored. It sounds hard, but it really isn't. Now it's time for some independant hands, this works really good if you are ambidextrious like me. Remember practicing Hyper Pick Soloing, now it's time to apply that skill. Go back to the counter and start drumming with your fingers again. But while you are doing that, put the fingers of your picking hand the same way you would grip a pick or a pen. While your are drumming, pretend you are signing a check and move up and down wiht your picking hand. Do this in sync with the other hand. Remember to pop the fingers on your fretting hand up after they hit the counter. Now you should be ready to actually play. Start slow on all of these exrersizes and grow quicker. This may sound wiered, but play it anyway, even if it might not sound good. This is an easy drill:
Figure 1. 
 down, pop up, down, pop up, dont' forget! 
Remember to play this with the Hyper Pick Soling technique. If it's hard, don't give up, with prctice, it will get easier. These are all 32nd notes, so when practiced, it should sound faster than lightning. This next technique is one that I wrote for one of my songs. NOTE: use the Hyper Pick Soloing technique to change strings. This one is tricky, because you really are going back wards in some parts.
Figure 2.

You can repeat this many times. It is tricky, so don't get discouraged if you don't get it right the first time. This next technique is running up and down the fretboard while Guitar Fanning. It is basically a falling and climbing rift while drumming.



You can go up and down the whole board with this figure. All you have to do is Remeber to pop the fingers up and down and you will be set. Thanks for taking your time to read this and enjoy your new skill that you can show off to your friends! Any questions, comments, concerns, quotes, notes, letters, requests, proposals, hyku, hyperbalies, lyrics, songs, telegrams, and or messages email me at

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    How the hell is this tapping? u morons obviously hav no idea wot tapping is. This is just the spider exercise 4 dummies who cant use their pinkie. That whole excercise is a bit of a no brainer really since if u practice other fast things that need both hands 2 b very in sync u can do this without really trying. This is just poor noodling 4 beginners :/
    Just seems like simple 16th runs to me, but a high tempo. Good for speed training and accuracy while goin' up the scale (so long as it ain't chromatic)
    Lance Verinto
    you are an idiot. You are just a 2 yr. old bass player wannabe you couldn't even get an audition for Fall Out Boy
    dude, why u called it pop up? it is th hammering sound on typical solid guitar, even 5 yrs old kids can do that, fanning _^. Fanning my ass. Fan your own head and sort it out. I got next lesson for u, Place ur guitar on ur lap while you sit and try tapping and popping (as u said) like a keyboard, if u r fast enough the sound will be pretty cool. JESUS for god sake. Think before u post.
    Wow there are a lot of guitar retards. Hammering on and pulling off is NOT tapping. They are often used in conjunction with tapping but are not ACTUALLY tapping. Hammer ons and pull offs are legato. If ur not using ur picking hand to hit frets rather than picking, then it in no way can be called tapping.
    I think they should set an IQ minimum on the internet, so that you have to be a certain level of intelligence to get in. This article solidifies my argument completely and removes all doubt about how beneficial this would be.
    lol, its tapping. and some of you that related it to hammer-ons and pull-offs. lol, not quite the same.
    I have been playing guitar for twenty years, I have studied music theory over the years the last 3 or 4 I have studied heavily, over the years I have worked with many musicians, and Befriended dozens more, and I must say this is the first time I have ever heard Guitar Fanning????? WTF!@!! And my favorite Hyper picking, I can?t even type it without chuckling. I had to email this to everyone I know that plays guitar, that could use a good laugh, anyway thanks for the jokes, whether intended to be a joke or not.
    This isnt tremolo picking or tapping. This is trill picking. Trill picking is when you pick as fast as possible while hammering on and pulling off multiple times. Tremolo picking is when a single note at a time is picked as rapidly as possible multiple times. Tapping is when no picking is involved and the notes are simply tapped rapidly using fretting fingers on the fretting hand which ccarries out a series of hammer on's and pull off's and tapping with a finger on the picking hand usually the index finger. When tapping you will see h/o & p/o indicating the frets to be used by the fretting hand and a T signifying the fret to be hit with the right hand, No picking.
    trumpeting?!! wow wats that? i know all of the metallica song one but i dont remember learning about that? isnt it tapping?
    Dude, sorry but your not the first one to do this. Its called trumpeting. Its used about a million times in One by Metalica.
    Hyper Pick Soloing? Rofl.. It's not star trek. and fanning... Well... apart from the poo... that was... just... great...
    i got it! by posting this, he figured he could somehow confuse people into oblivion, which they would all die, and he would be left as the greatest guitarist on earth! nice try. were all still here.. and better than you.
    Well, its tremolo picking with your fingers going in sync with your picking hand. Actually that drumming while "writing" with the right hand might be a decent exercise. Also fanning a revolver is firing a shot and pulling the hammer back with your other hand to fire the next shot quicker. It looks like you "fan" your hand over the revolver. I cant see how you got that and the thechniques from this lesson mixed up.. But, good effort though I'll give you that
    Also, a word of warning. Please do not use 'Guitar Fanning' or 'Hyper Pick Soloing' around real guitarists, unless you enjoy being laughed at for hours on end, lol! Considering this was years ago, I hope this author has grown to realise how stupid this article was. I'm gonna remember this article for when I need cheering up. Guitar Fanning! Hyper Pick Soloing!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (infinitely)!!!
    Wow, there's 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back, I think they would have been better spent nailing my hand to the wall with a nailgun, over and over again. BTW this is NOT tapping, or even legato. This is trill picking, or if not that its just alternate picking really fast (fundamental element of shredding). I really feel sorry for anyone who thinks they've learnt something groundbreaking, because you're in for a hell of a miseducation.
    I just like how he said he invented it... like in all the years the guitar has been around and no one has ever done this til he picked one up.
    Dude, It's not tapping, or tremelo picking... It a mixture... Sort of... It pretty much just shredding. You're synchronizing your picking hand, with your fretting hand, and rapidly changing notes... And by the way, you didn't invent this... It's just shredding... And if it's not then make a video lesson of it. So we can see wha tyou're talking about...
    sorry man, this is really stupid. doesnt really make sense...
    sorry to break it 2 u, but this is just lame tremolo picking over and over again that pretty much every dumbshit who picks up a guitar can do
    Watch out ppl hes got hyper picking and guitar fanning, he'll blow your face off with the bullshit if your not careful. Goodnight world
    in paintball, fanning is called walking a trigger - only at about 15 shots a second
    this so called "LESSON" (lololololrofllmaolololol) makes me want to take the shitty guitar you own and smash it over your head unitl both the guitar and your skull are shattered into a thousand pieces... jk. or am i? no... im dead ****ing serious. this genius needs to give up on life
    this so called "LESSON" (lololololrofllmaolololol) makes me want to take the shitty guitar you own and smash it over your head unitl both the guitar and your skull are shattered into a thousand pieces... jk. or am i? no... im dead ****ing serious. this genius needs to give up on life
    People, I can't even play a solo yet and I know what he's talking about. All he's doing is tremoloing but at the same time, doing hammer-ons and pull-offs to make it seem like he's picking like lightning. You know how when some people are bored and start taping their fingers on a table in order (that is pinkie, ring, middle, index, thunb) really fast, well that's what he's talking about doing but on the fretboard. Really simple, though there's no way I can do it since I've only played for nine months. lol
    If you bang your head against the guitar it makes funny noises too, WTF I think I got worse by reading this mess! Work on your basics first bro, hyper picking that shit's gotta go man
    i know exactly wat your saying, ive been playing for a year now and have been doing that technique for a few months. a cool thing to do with that is play it with all legatoon the lower fretts, using open strings, it takes some getting used to but its sick once you get it under your fingers. another is to bar a frett with your picking hand and use that as a different key and do the same thing with legato, just bar wat key your in and go crazy with it, skip strings and shit. its fun as hell\ ohh yea, good article man!!
    I use this to practice speed so i can move up the strings faster and skip strings. Try it
    tapping is with both hands on this fret board... its possible and very common to use hammer ons and pull offs consistantly without the right hand involved at all, which wouldnt be tapping.
    Well is you pick each note it is not like tapping or hammer ons/pull offs.
    its not tapping its more like a lot of hammer-ons and pull-offs but picking each note. like rusty burrito sed nice article tho
    i think i know what hes talking about. Its basically hammer ons and pull offs (tapping) but you pick each note. I think thats it anyway
    very ez to understand once u know how to hyperpick...although wen i started hyperpicking..guitar fanning was like a instinct to me
    How about a How to drum fast on a table TUT, or which muscles in my fingers i need to dev to drum faster, to match Yngwie malmsteens speed.