Guitar Solo Lesson 'Play With Me!' by Extreme

author: Chris Zoupa date: 10/02/2013 category: soloing
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Guitar Solo Lesson 'Play With Me!' by Extreme
This is an amazing solo that I feared for a few years before attempting. But it's totally worth it as it's super fun to play. It has a lot of cool techniques that I believe are worth developing like shredding, legato, arpeggios etc. It's basically just box ticking neo-classical win at it's best. The first section is using an alternate pick triplet idea. Great for speed building and has a really fun neo-classical sound to it. The next few sections are generally working in arpeggios with a triplet feel. The solo in it's entirety isn't too complex if you break it down. Just address each section slowly and make sure you're "legatoing" where necessary and shredding where you need to as well. Download tab here. Enjoy!
By Chris Zoupa
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