'Hail to the King' by Avenged Sevenfold Guitar Solo Lesson

New AX7 song "Hail To The King." Slow explanation and tabs!

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Ok long time fans... I included tabs this time. Hope you dig it. Ripper solo and not too hard to play. Some fun sweeps and interesting harmonic minor moments but nothing too redonk! Take care guys! Happy shredding! Download tab here.
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By Chris Zoupa

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    Chris Zoupa
    Hey dude. I'm a bit new to this contribution thing. Any tips on making the articles more extensive?
    Thank you Chris, this is really a good lesson! I've followed every section smoothly and even learned the solo in half an hour!
    Any chance to get this into a GP5 tab? I don't have 6 and can't use it.
    You pick with your finger nail right? Your picking looks effortless with good tone.... How about a Lesson on how to do that. btw Do you live in Oz? which City?
    Why are there never guitar teachers like this IRL... my last one couldn't even play sweet child right, figured I was better off teaching myself and spending the money on a new guitar..
    Just gotta find the right teacher. Like everything, there are good ones and bad ones.
    There are also teachers that teach songs and teachers that give you the skills to do it yourself.
    Didn't download the tab, as I didn't feel the need - there are a few mistakes in the vid though, where you actually play (for example) 9-11-12 but say you're playing 9-10-12, though I think that can be forgiven as it wasn't hard to realise and play the correct notes and it is probably quite hard to commentate as you play. Decent video walkthrough
    Awesome video man. I love this song but I had never been able to play it very well. But thanks to you now I can.