How to Get Your Hands in Sync

Four different examples on how to get your hands in sync with each other.

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Let's kick off this lesson series by addressing a common problem that many players experience - building hand synchronization. It's something that takes a lot of work and discipline, but here I have 4 examples that will have your hands working together in various playing situations.

Lick 1 is your straight pentatonic power lick, but instead of bulldozing through it with alternate picking, we incorporate some strategically placed pull-offs.

Lick 2 is an A harmonic minor lick that 6 based on a single string. It's probably what a lot of people think of when they think of a player's hands being in sync. Everything is picked, and you're playing one picked note per one fretted note.

Lick 3
might be the most difficult of the 4 licks. The idea is simple, but pulling it off what makes it a little bit more of a challenge. This lick blends the aggressive sound of picked notes and the smooth sound of legato.

Lick 4 offers a great way of moving around the fretboard as well as outlining chord. The focus is on the jumping of the octaves and the use of economy picking. This one really requires a strong sense of timing between your hands making it a perfect lick to practice for the synchronized sound.

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    Maybe it would be possible for you not to use the word "lick" anymore. I had problem with having to lick guys in as well the town of Rotterdam in the Netherlands as in the town of Koblenz in Germany. I went to the same school as Age Kat of the Frozen Frog. And nowadays that I am 58, my mother was reported dead to me, I hope she still lives. I play guitar from Escuela Razonada part II, and have problems understanding the French part of the theory. At the end of the first part of that book, there's a nice song to be played, and the end of it seems like "thank God I'm a countryboy", but first one thinks:"It sounds like a Bond-song".
    Sound like the crazy guy pushing a empty shopping cart around outside a Wallmart parking lot
    Bless your heart, keep practicing, and hope your mother is well. The term "lick" is a single instrumental (single piece of music, usually short played) Your English is better than my French! Great job!!! Smiles*** Vivienne
    I'm already studying in a Spanish-French book on guitar, called Escuela Razonada II. I bought it second-hand in Nawijn-Polak in de Hoofdstraat in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. I practized lots of songs from the notations in it, and recently I systematically started to try to read the French part of the theory in coöperation with playing the exercices and examples in it. I'm really having a great time with it. Today I played as well as read such a long while as never before. I can't understand a lot of Claude Johnson.
    OK, I'm gonna be the one who actually comments on the lesson, sorry about the non-sense fuckers, I don't get it. I can't wait to get home and try Lick 2! Sounds killer and it's exactly what my hands need. Thanks.
    I was high while reading this, and it made more sense than it does now.
    Ohh thanks! ! Love the three down, up . . Acoustic but getting an electric, works for both though! Smiles*** Vivienne
    I bought a new mobile telephone and there was a headphone with it, so today I could listen to your music. Sometimes I don't have an earphone.