How to Improvise: A Video Course With Backing Tracks

A sequential course in learning to improvise on guitar, featuring links to pertinent theory topics and playalong tracks with prompts for which forms to use.

Ultimate Guitar
The following series of videos is a progressive course that teaches my tried and true system for developing your skills as a lead guitar player.

Rather than focus on licks or styles, it teaches you to understand the musical context of a chord progression and how to use a chord/scale framework to identify the notes that are available as chord tones and tensions.

Using this system, you'll begin to see improvisation as a series of choices within the guitar's physical interface, so that the technical elements are learned first through repetition and thorough understanding of concepts without worrying too much about making brilliant music.

Each lesson is followed by a playalong example that demonstrates the concepts of the lesson in a real-world environment with prompts on the screen to show you the diagrams of the scales you'll use to practice that concept in a musical setting.

Additional lessons are forthcoming, to expand the course into as many areas of improvisation as possible. Enjoy!

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    I am surprised to find no comments here. These videos are simple yet informative. Definitely worth subscribing to on YouTube.
    Awesome series of videos and material. Especially appreciate the approach you take in laying down the musical foundations for lead guitar. Thank you for making this and sharing for all to enjoy for free!