How to Play Better Guitar Solos

Today's simple exercise will help guitar players re-connect with their inner musician, avoid lick clichés, and truly embrace who they are on the guitar!

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How to Play Better Guitar Solos
Are you tired of sounding like every other guitar player on the planet when you improvise? Maybe you've been playing the same exact licks for ages and feel that your guitar solos are lacking feel and personality. This simple practice approach will help you reconnect with your inner musician and develop new exciting ideas.

The trick is to not think in terms of keys and scales, but rather in terms of chords and arpeggios. Doing so will force yourself to slow down and rely on your ears a lot more than your finger memory.

When doing the exercise demonstrated in today's video, force yourself to listen and imagine how the notes you are about to play sound like before playing them. Also, make sure you are not playing over a backing track. This will force yourself to be a lot more intentional with the notes you chose. It will also help you associate what you hear with finger movements which is key to improvising freely and develop who you are on the instrument.

Use this exercise everyday and discover all the cool unique ideas that are within. Practice well!

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