Hungarian Minor Lick in 'E' with Chris Zoupa

Here's a lesson on what Hungarian Minor is and how to use it in a cool shred pattern in the key of "E."

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I will admit that I'm a late bloomer and am very ashamed to admit that I had only heard of the band Revocation last year. I heard some of Dave Davidson's solos and wanted to look into his use of Hungarian minor. For anyone out there who doesn't know what "Hungarian Minor" is, we'll basically be taking a harmonic minor scale and sharpening (or raising) the 4th note a semitone. Let's look at "E" Harmonic minor and "E" Hungarian minor and see how they differ. (See diagrams below)

"E" Harmonic Minor: E F# G A B C D# E

"E" Hungarian Minor: E F# G A# B C D# E

Obvious Hungarian minor characteristics to point out are the 1 & 1/2 tone interval from C to D# (which is also in the harmonic minor scale) but also the Hungarian minor has a 1 & 1/2 tone interval from G to A#. You'll also notice the chromaticism between A#, B and C which has that very quintessential Revocation sound. Let's take a look at the "E" Hungarian minor scale to 2 octaves and get used to the shape. (See diagram below)

Now were going to look at the lick. (See diagram below)

I think of this in groups of 8 semiquavers over 2 beats (well derrr!). If that feels a bit tricky just work through it in 4 note groups and join them together. Obviously you can mix up the pattern and usage when you decide to implement it into your playing and soloing. Enjoy the exotic, evil and slightly chromatic win.

Have fun with it guys and happy shredding!

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By Chris Zoupa

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    Im from Hungary, lot of turkish influence in our music, when i got my guitar and just started wanking about on it without knowing how to play, i got very similar stuff coming out as this
    Chris Zoupa
    That's so fortune to grow up with such beautiful exotic influence in your music. It's pretty win once you can us it properly!
    David Davidson is definately one of my favorite guitarists at this moment! He is implementing so many cool elements into metal, from Jazz, Blues and other things Makes it very exciting for the listener!
    He IS my favourite guitarist. There isn't any other band like Revocation that I love so much, they're guitar work is phe-no-me-nal and a huuuuuge inspiration for a guitarist like myself.
    You are such a great teacher- I really appreciate all these lessons you make mang!
    Yes! Chris PLEASE do some Revocation solo lessons, it's pretty much impossible to find accurate tabs for a lot of the songs
    Chris Zoupa
    I've learned 90% of the hive solo. The last run is a bit redone. I should really finish it!
    Chris, this was great! I'll make sure to check out your other lessons.
    Nice one! keep up the good work, look forward to your next post. Lekker zef from South Africa!