II - V Lines for Jazz Guitar

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II - V Lines for Jazz Guitar
The II-V Line found in jazz music is what we might call a musical fragment that operates to cover the second and fifth chords of a keys harmony. The II - V musical line, most commonly, (but not always), resolves into the home-chord of the key. For example; if I was in the key of "C Major," the two-chord (II) would be the "D Mi7," and the five (V) would be the, "G dom. 7." And, as you might have guessed, the one-chord (I) would of course be the, "C Major 7th." In jazz music the lines we tend to hear most often are fragmented combinations of notes coming from various scales and arpeggios, (these scales can run from major and minor modes all the way to just playing chromatic). These scale fragments can fall anywhere in the line, or anywhere in the bar. The jazz musician's ultimate goal however is to select notes that are carefully chosen to color each of the chords in the II - V progression. In the video, I zoom in on the neck and run through a few examples of the Jazz 2, 5, 1 lines which I have composed especially for this video lesson. On-screen TAB is provided for each of the examples. Watch the video lesson below to learn the examples:
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