Incorporate Chromatic Tones to Your Soloing With Thomas Berglund

A way to use chromatic fills.

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In this video lesson I'll show a way to incorporate chromatic tones into your soloing. I use chromaticism in all scales I play that I fill out between the fundamental tones in the scales I'm playing. In the beginning it may feel a bit strange to use these tones so start by doing chromatic licks.

Gradually you get used to the ear and it's almost impossible to play without chromaticism, at least for me.

In this lesson I'll show a way to think when it comes to chromatic tones. The first thing to know is the scale and the chord tones!

I'll show everything in Am in this lesson so down below are the Am Dorian scale and the 7th chord tones to the Am7.

Am7 chord tones in the 5th position:

Am Dorian scale in the 5th position:

So... it's good to know the 7th chord tones to know and hear the chord that's played and from that you'll fill up what scale to soloing with. I've chosen the Dorian scale here.

When you know these things you'll fill the tones in between the scale tones and that's the chromatic tones to use.

Here's a chromatic lick I'll show in the video lesson! It's built from the Dorian scale and as you see the red notes are the chromatic tones.

Hope this lesson will help you find your own chromatic lines and that you'll find it useful. Good luck!

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About the Author:
Thomas Berglund is a musician that has played in many different styles through the years and has his heart in music with improvisation. He also works as a guitar teacher and has a YouTube channel with guitar lessons, releases and concert videos.

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