Intervallic Licks And Riffs

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Intervallic Licks And Riffs
Performing stacked intervals such as repeating 4th's or 5th's can create some very cool melodies. The idea can also be expanded upon by inverting intervals, (such as flipping a 3rd into a 6th), or by combining different intervals, (such as 4th's and diminished 5th's). When applied, these concepts build unique sounding lines and riffs. One of the first intervallic lines I'd ever practiced was the intro. lick from Pat Metheny's "Bright Size Life". The sound of those wide intervals right from the start of his piece definitely work to create a very interesting musical effect. I think most musicians would agree, that when intervals are layered to form repeating - stacked musical ideas, (which by the way can be done in several ways), we achieve a very musically interesting effect, (and what some might call a, "climbing", effect), to our melodies. Often, performing these lines can be a technically challenging thing to play well, especially when played fast. However, as with any technical concept, the more it is rehearsed, the better we can become at nailing it. In the video, I begin by analyzing an on-screen neck diagram layout of how an interval might be stacked across the guitar fingerboard. Then, I move onto the fingerboard to cover six examples. Watch the video to learn the examples:
Follow the link to My Website to download the free handout with all of the examples in tab, as well as, a free MP3 Jam-Track of the song I play at the start of the video lesson.
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