'Iron Man' by Black Sabbath Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa

Hey guys check out my tutorial on the solo "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. It clear and simple and not too ridiculous!

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I put off learning this song when I was young because I thought it was nonsense (what a dumb stubborn teenager I was!). Now I realise that it's awesome and has heaps of attitude. This is a great solo for 2 finger legato and drilling the most common box shape of the pentatonic, along with incorporating some basic techniques like bends, hammer ons and pulloffs. The whole solo consists of a common and very orthodox style of pentatonic shredding and 'rocking out'. It's almost entirely based around position 1 of the minor pentatonic in the key of C#. (see diagram below for C#minor pentatonic box shape)
Like most of my tutorials it's broken down into small sections which is how I would suggest you learn it. Within those sections there may be a few little phrases that need extra work and attention. I just drilled the small difficult chunks until they made sense before moving on and adding new information and just confusing myself further. Now I think of it that's pretty much my philosophy with learning all music. Take care guys! Happy shredding!
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    I watched so many live videos of Black Sabbath to get this solo down when I first started learning guitar. You nailed it! Wish this was available 5 years ago, haha.
    Great Stuff Chris, like always! Would you mind to add a GP Tab?
    Chris Zoupa
    They probably post my tab in a few days!
    thanks Chris, for a couple of years I've been jamming on parts of Sanitarium (Metallica), playing along to the solo from your video recently inspired me to learn the song start to finish \m/