Jason Becker Lick: Absurd Diminished Arpeggio

A close look at a quite bizarre yet awesome sounding diminished lick.

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Jason Becker, considered a virtuoso guitarist and one of the top players of his time. Becker was playing with Marty Friedman in the band Cacophony and later started a solo career. He was among the leaders of the field during the technical "shred" guitar and neo-classical metal trend of the mid to late eighties and is still respected and honored by his musician peers today.

Jason and Marty both used this lick. First you can hear it in "Temple of the Absurd" from "Perpetual Burn" and in "Jewel."

In my short video lesson you will learn:
  • How to play this quite bizarre diminished sweeping lick that also includes a chromatic pattern.
  • The whole lick that is explained step by step.
  • I've tried to focus only on the lick, so hopefully you can easily follow my steps.
  • The big advantage is that this lick is not only for advanced but rather for semi pros, who've already mastered the sweeping technique.
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    Hey look, it's that lick that Loomis borrowed from Jason and Jason borrowed from Uli.
    Really ? Well I´m sorry didn´t know that actually! I just heard it from Jason and Marty so I made the lesson ya know...
    dianastewart · Jan 18, 2016 09:51 AM