Lick Wars - Episode 1 - The 'Bend Face Rocker' Lick

In this lesson you will learn the great lick with pure '70s rock ballad vibe in it. Enjoy!

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This is a great lick to learn! It has a pure '70s rock ballad vibe in it.

Expression is the key here. Pay attention to vibratos, bends and rhythm as well. Also be careful with the ''pre-bends'' here.

In a pre-bend, you bend the string before you pick it.

If you listen to the great lead styles of Jimmy Page, Otis Rush, Mike Bloomfield, George Harrison, Eric Clapton and many others, you'll see how this has always been an integral part of string bending, and in a way, represents the pure "art" of the bend as opposed to the "act"!

As you continue to refine your approach to this style, you will undoubtedly be training your ear as well, and the knowledge of just how far to bend will start to become second nature to you. Enjoy!

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    This was great! I'm just starting to get into this kind of guitar stuff.