Melodic Metal Solo

Influenced by Malmsteen, Maiden, and Rhoads, this exciting metal solo will have you sounding pro in no time!

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This melodic metal solo comes from playing 2 string arpeggios combined with fast pull-offs over the changing chord progression. This is actually easier to play than it sounds, once you get the simple arpeggio shapes down.
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I came up with this metal solo by combining some of my favourite influences: Iron Maiden, Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhoads. It follows a simple chord progression of E minor, C major, D major and back to E minor again. E minor Arpeggio With Pull-offs TAB:
C major Arpeggio With Pull-offs TAB:
D major Arpeggio With Pull-offs TAB:
E minor Arpeggio With Pull-offs TAB:
This pattern gets played twice in a row over the power chord changes. For the first arpeggio in Em, its an E powerchord played at the 7th fret of the A string. The second arpeggio is C, so its a C powerchord at the 3rd fret of A. The 3rd powerchord is a D so its a D powerchord at the 5th fret of A. The last arpeggio is in Em again so its another E powerchord, 7th fret of the A string. Thanks for checking this out, more guitar lessons at my website and YouTube channel.

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    You should have called this lesson "2 string arpeggios lick lesson"
    But then you never would have watched it
    So you intentionally deceived people? That makes it, oh so better.
    Its not about deception at all, I just wanted to share some ideas that are easy to play and sound good to me
    To be fair, it's not a bad start for beginners, but it definitely isn't substantial enough to make up an entire solo. Fine as the beginning or ending of one, though.
    Fair enough, but don't say "melodic solo" when it's just a cool little lick, because that deceives people.
    it only deceives people who are dumb enough to buy all in after simply reading the title. This guy took time out of his life FOR NO GOOD REASON just to try and help strangers have fun on their guitar. And you're hating cause he didn't tab out your own personal "Eruption". Get creative. There is more than enough material right there to get you started on a cool sounding solo if you think for yourself a little bit here, kid. If you wanna play the victim and say you feel deceived go right ahead, but if that's your attitude then trust me,you're in for a rude awakening when you step out into the world. Fucking Think For Yourself Once In A While
    Most of the people hating on this would not be hating on this if they go something like what they expected. Look at it this way, instead of getting beginners (who may be interested in an interesting little arpeggio idea) to click on this by giving it a name representative of the content, you instead get a bunch of intermediate/advanced players who are interested in ways to play more melodically and are disappointed by the content. If I search the lessons for 'easy arpeggio lick/idea', this article would not turn up in the search results.
    Methinks you need to work on your rhythm a little for your next lesson... nice ideas though.
    As a beginner to metal solo's this helped me quite abit! Short and simple, thanks
    You are all such dipsh*ts..... I love how just about everyone who posts on UG is a master guitarist..... Where are your videos????? Oh thats right your to busy talking sh*t..... Cool little lesson gitbad, thanx, i am having fun with it right now.....
    I like the hipster shirt. Lets you know right off the start on how the vid will go.
    My Last Words
    Pretty odd rythm you got there.. *puts on sunglasses* ..Oh wait it's your horrible timing! YEEEAAAAAHHHHH! Nah, jk. Pretty meh lesson tho,
    what's the point of a wanky, crappy solo if you have no song to go with it
    Its just meant to be a fun arpeggio pattern to play over a chord progression, it could be fit into many songs, but I agree its not a song by itself
    The last one is the like the lick Mustaine always uses, except the root he plays is on 14 not 15.
    man, why so many ppl hating on this vid? The guys is just trying to put some basic soloing ideas out there. I have been playing 16 years, and even I can use little videos like this for some ideas. Whoever said the lick is boring and sounds lame, you are obviously deaf, and certainly are not a fan of metal. Some ppl are trying to bash it by saying it sounds like a Mustaine solo...yeah Mustaine is a guitar god. ****ing idiots....grow up
    No offence, but I (and I'm sure many others) could have done plenty of 'lessons' like this before, with more complex/advanced material or material which comprises more variety in technique, melody or phrasing but haven't... because I presume it isn't enough to constitute a front page lesson and that people wouldn't be too interested in it. Just an observation *shrug* I'm sure there are people that will benefit from this lesson though... although given the title of the video, I was expecting there to be at least something I may gain from watching it.
    You don't master that high Eminor-arpeggio well enough. I can hear the Bb (18th fret) a few times.
    You let the notes on the B string ring for to long, and because of that it sounds pretty sloppy. I think you haven't mastered these 2 string arpeggios yet.
    Yeah. I really dont have anything to say other than it was just.. idk really bad.
    Sounds like a sloppy standard Metallica solo, with a bit of Maiden in it. I don't really see the difference to just learning a Metallica or Iron Maiden solo from one of the Guitar Pro-files found on this very site. Good video though, easy to follow and it doesn't take forever to make a point like most instructional videos. You should get credit for the no-bullshit approach.
    I'm surprised no one has mentioned that this is basically the the solo (beginning) to Yngwie's song, Rising Force.
    Instead of bashing like others did, some constructive criticism: What would have been a nice addition to the video is an explanation on how to avoid both strings ringing out at the same time, especially when the two notes are on the same fret.
    Pros: I think it's a neat video, and it's an interesting concept for those who want to put a little more into their solos. I didn't think it was all that bad. Cons: I could tell your timing was a bit off. Don't get discouraged, it happens to the best of us. With a little more work, this could be a neat lesson video.
    That was the most AMAZING thing I've EVER heard! Thank you sir for taking the time to show us that. I could probably never learn that, but since you don't show your face in the video I can just tell people that its me.
    Lots of rhythm and muting work needed and a very misleading title. You should at least link to some songs to practice this type of solo riff. Metallica does it a lot. My favorite implementation of this lick is the version Friedman does in Tornado of Souls.
    ^Holy hate. I agree the title is misleading and the solo itself isn't impressive to seasoned players, but cut the guy some slack.