Metallica 'Creeping Death' Solo Lesson

Hi guys check out my step by step lesson to the guitar solo from Metallica's "Creeping Death." Good time classic metal win.

Ultimate Guitar
I had this on my request list and I was like "Chris can't you already play this?" I learned the solo again after 2 years of cobwebs and rust and I think the video came out okay. This solo is manageable but kinda lengthy. Some of Kirk note choice is questionable (like always) but the song and solo are pretty fun. The solo is mostly made up of pentatonics, a bit of arpeggio sweeps and some diatonic runs. A lot of the time you'll be dealing with triplets or straight semi-quavers with fast alternate picking. There's nothing too odd about the timing. More than anything just be patient and build up speed at a sensible pace. Enjoy the video and the accompanying tab - get it here! Take care guys! Happy shredding!
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    Great lesson but I just have to say that any youtube guitar player/teacher comes off as a little arrogant when they refer to the note choices as questionable in a solo like this. Sure, I understand your objection from a strict music theory perspective, but this is one of the most legendary solos in rock history, and for good reason. Its not all about perfect theory, especially outside classical music. Just saying.
    I don't think he's saying that it's bad because of music theory. He's saying that he believes that there are spots where Kirk could have used a different note to better effect.
    Chris Zoupa
    I didn't mean it in an arrogant way. If you're classically trained or used to rigid diatonics it can just throw you a little. I personally think if note choice is win then it's good music!
    Well, nothing is against music theory. Music theory can only explain what Kirk played in the solo but it can't tell if the note choice was questionable or not. But I agree with you. That's what Kirk wanted to play, it's his solo. It's OK if you had played it a bit differently but it's not your solo and that's how Kirk plays it.
    kill it
    Great lesson again Chris. Please keep them coming. How about Tornado of Souls or a short Malmsteen solo.
    he did tornado already. helped me out so much for that crazy part at the end. go to his channel, he has a lot of amazing tutorials!
    Kirk's best solos were all on RTL, Fade To Black, Ktulu, Creeping Death, Ride The Lightning. Trapped Under Ice.
    This solo is freakin awesome! I feel Kirk hasn't shown us what he can 100% do in Metallica, but that's just me. Nice lesson!