Pentatonic Licks. Lesson 2

Sequel to my first Pentatonic licks lesson. I will still be using the key of A minor, and i will include 2 more licks and explain a little more about the Pentatonic minor Box scale.

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Okay, Here is the next installment to my series of Soloing lessons, If you liked the first two licks, you will LOVE these. By the way. I added mp3s to my page to give an example of what the licks I wrote SHOULD sound like. Check them out, I will have the two new licks mp3s up as soon as the lesson is accepted onto Ultimate Guitar. Anyways... Back to the lesson. In the Key of A minor, the pentatonic box scale..(In E standard Tuning) is played using the 5th, 7th, and 8th frets. of every string.. Well Guys, Here's where the beauty of the fretboard comes in, You can transpose that scale UP 12 Frets to get a higher sound on your guitar. Okay so play your A note.(5th fret of the E string) Now play the 17th fret of your E string. Same sound.. Just one octave Higher. SOOO, This opens up a whole other octave on the scale. Play the Same pattern on that side of the fretboard.. Here's the Tab for it.
There ya go. A minor pentatonic scale in a higher Octave. So. You could play those licks from the previous lesson on this octave and just experiment :)Once you get bored of that.. Here's a lick I like to do in that octave just because it sounds epic. Its very High. Reminds me of Slash's playing.
This ones a cool quick filler in between chords.. Start off bending the 19th fret of the G string up a whole step with your middle finger, Your index finger should be barred on the 17th fret of the B and e string. Hit those two notes, then use your middle finger again to bend the next note(20th fret of the B string) up a whole step, then use your index finger again to play the 17th fret of the e string. After that, use your ring finger to fret the 20th fret of the B string and Pull off to the 17th fret with your index finger, Then use your middle finger to fret the 19th fret of the G string, then Shift your middle finger up 2 strings and up one fret.. as quickly and as smoothly as possible(this is an unusual movement and may require a bit of practice to shift from position to position flawlessly and efficiently)Then Bend the note up a whole step to end the lick. The ending note should be the High D Note. If you don't know what that is, play the 22nd fret of your Guitar on the e string. Okay! A lot to take in right! so Let me end this lesson with a good Lick I like to use at the end of songs.. When you know the chord progression is about to make its last round, you add this in during the last few chords for a great Ending to a blues song! (In this case in Aminor) :p. Here goes.. You're going to be using the lower octave of the guitar. (like in the last lesson)
Mmmk, First off, your going to start off with a bend on the 7th fret of the G string. Bend it up a whole step and then use your ring finger to fret and pluck the 8th fret of the B string, Then use your middle finger to fret the the 7th fret of the G string, pluck the 5th fret of the same string after that, and then go back and fret the 7th fret with your middle finger and pull off to your index finger on the 5th fret. Do the same motion you just did a string lower on the D string. and then go back up and play the 8th fret of the e string with your ring finger or pinkie, (your index finger should be barred on the 5th fret of the B and e string). Play the 5th fret of the B string and hammer on to the 8th fret of the b string with which ever finger is most comfortable for you and then play the 5th fret of the e string to end the lick(and song if you choose to play this at the end of a song or chord progression) Comment and Rate! I wanna see what you guys think! And don't forget to pay a visit to my profile and listen to these licks and others from my previous lesson! Listen to my original instrumental song "Heaven Sent" while your at it! It is a good example of what you can do with the Pentatonic Minor and Blues scales in the key of C#Minor. Okay So I will post the next lesson a day or two after this one is accepted. I will cover the Blues scale in the next lesson! (Yeah its time to get fancy!) Haha thank you! Enjoy! And don't forget to practice!

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    Uhm, just so you know the a minor, and the a pentatonic minor are different...I couldn't tell if you knew that from your lesson...Either way pentatonics are simple, and to me just a waste of time....oh well. decent lesson, I'll give it a decent score.
    Im only 16 bro. I have more lessons to come.. this was just the 2nd installment to my first lesson. Sorry this was of no use to you, but apparently you took the time to read it haha.
    No prob dude...I read your other lessons and they are're doing way better than I was at sixteen. Keep it up, and don't let any douches like me discourage you broha.