Pentatonic Scales for Rock Guitar

Learn pentatonic scale lines that flow well musically and are unique, outside of the scope of the in-position box patterns.

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In Part One of this two-part lesson, I'm going to run through a collection of rock licks built out of the Pentatonic Scale.

For most guitar players, the Minor Pentatonic scale is no mystery. In fact, it tends to be a very well known scale shape on the guitar neck for most guitarists.

However, one general issue with the common pentatonic shapes will tend to be that the typical "6th and 5th" string root Pentatonic scales are all too often used by players in the exact same ways.

This likely tends to happen because the same common (6th & 5th string root) scale shapes will get taught over and over again in countless guitar scale books and in hundreds of YouTube guitar lesson videos.

In this lesson, I've set out to change that perspective and I'll be looking at this scale in a new way. A way that leans toward how an advanced rock guitarist would use this scale to play lines that flow well musically across a greater span of the fingerboard. And, at the same time, we'll focus on lines that are unique, outside of the scope of the in-position box patterns.

Video Lesson

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