Simple Pentatonic Lick

author: aelkeris date: 03/13/2014 category: soloing
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Simple Pentatonic Lick
Hello my fellow guitarists, this is my first time writing a lesson, so don't be too hard on me.

This is a simple 2-string pentatonic exercise you can use to practice your knowledge of 5 pentatonic shapes, and speed at the same time. Later on you can expand to three strings, but that's for you to decide when to practice that.

This will be simple E minor pentatonic, but you can of course practice whichever your heart desires.

My personal advice is to take the metronome, and start at whatever speed seems comfortable. And try to start with an upstroke, you will get more speed, and tone clarity.

P.S. Now, you may ask yourself why isn't this lesson bigger, well that's because I do not posses much theoretical knowledge, but I wanted to share what had helped me and my playing. So, if there are any mistakes with anything, please warn me and rate.
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