Slow-Blues Shuffle Guitar Licks

In this video lesson I demonstrate four of my favorite slow-blues style guitar licks. The examples cover everything from phrasing techniques to turnaround ideas. Enjoy!

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The feel of the slow swing, or shuffle blues really has a way of helping blues licks played over that feel come alive! This slow-blues feel really allows for the opportunity for applying several traditional guitar techniques. These can include; long vibrato sustains, triplet runs, double-stop phrases and plenty of nice legato lines. In the video lesson, I've put together a collection of four (4) of my favorite slow-blues licks that fuse together sounds you might hear from players like; Albert Collins, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughn or Albert King. In the video, I get the camera zoomed in on the fingerboard and demonstrate my collection of Slow-Blues Shuffle licks with included on-screen TAB.
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    i'm waiting patiently for someone to talk about their step mom making money on her laptop so i can hunt them down and publicly facerape them with a tree trunk.....
    Meikle Treikle
    Great video, really got me mixing the major and minor elements, sounding better already! Everyone should also check out Andrew's Youtube channel, creativeguitarstudio.
    and this was a nice lesson! probably shoulda said that before the other thing!
    Question: on the first lick he slides from 7 to 9 (3rd or 4th string depends from where you're looking) the question is how the 9 (e/mi) is connected to the scale ? other than that great lesson thanks