Solo Like Mick Taylor

Learn the techniques of a blues rock legend.

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Solo Like Mick Taylor
Today we are going to be learning a lick in the style of a blues rock legend, Mick Taylor.

Mick Taylor is celebrated as the most popular lead guitarist for The Rolling Stones, he is also renowned for his soulful blues and jazz based soloing.

Mick enjoyed a successful stint with The Rolling Stones and also went on to play with the likes of Jack Bruce and The Blues Breakers.

His guitar playing is characterised by masterful blues rock phrases, country style major pentatonic licks, mixtures of major and minor pentatonic as well as jazzy use of the Dorian and Mixolydian modes.

Today we will be exploring some of Mick Taylors's signature techniques with a lick in the key of D. So plug in, tune up, crank that amp all the way up to 11 and let's get started!

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