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How to start playing solos in major or minor chord secuences. (Personal Tips)

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First, I'm not really good writting english (I'm mexican) so I'll do my best. If you find a mistake let me know and (if I can) I will correct it. Soloing is easy when you know what to do, and you know what to do when yo know how a scale sound, how all the tones of the scale sound like. I'll only explain minor scale 'cause I think it's easier to do a solo than major. What you would need is a MIDI Rhythm guitar and drums (You can use GuitarPro) Rhythm guitar is going to make a Minor Chords progresion, I recomend Practicing on E tone loop, so the chord would be Em, C, G, D and drums would play a 8/8 grove. (I recommend 80-100 BPM)
Well, if you dont know Em scale, it has E, F#, G, A, B, C, D
                                Degrees I  II III IV V VI VII
Your best friends would be third, fourth, sixt and in some cases sevent (NOTE: All degrees are usefull, but these are those that I use)
B----12-13--15----------|             ( ) - Root Tone
Practice scale and when you feel ready, start the MIDI song, listen at the track and imagine what do you want to hear and try to play in the scale (Obviously, don't try to play a super fast solo, remember that you need to know the scale) To improvise a solo you will use the tones I wrote up as a recomendation. A nice intro to a solo is a whole tone bend in the fourt degree, then third degree and the root tone. b-Bend
  Em              C                 G        1  2  3  4  4(3/4)  Em
Well, soloing is just imagination, you are who need to try to make your tecnique better. Personally, I use the Minor Scale method to play both Major and Minor just starting in another root tone.
B----12-13--15----------|             ( ) - Minor Scale Root Tone
D----12-(14)------------|             { } - Major scale Root tone
I recommend to practice this "tecnique" in "Confortalbe Numb" (Pink Floyd) starting with Bm scale and change to D major in chorus. So, I think it's all I can say, good luck and nice soloing!

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    Uhm, wow, that taught me nothing....that might as well be in tabs....of course I know most of this anyway, but this is really not a lesson.
    Dont listen to that guy man you've got a good theory here more people need to improvise these days solos are just becoming like riffs played exactly the same every damn time it sad theres not enough expresion in guitar solos anymore its all about playing a million beats per minuite these days not that it isnt awesome in the right place but yeah you get the drift oh and good job on your english its not easy expressing your thoughts in a language your not as used to good job man!