Solo Writing

author: ultrasonic date: 09/16/2008 category: soloing

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Here is how to compose your own solos and to improvise.

Step One. Master The Scales.

I know what your thinking, every single lesson has this and I agree, it's monotonous. But the truth is that you have to persevere with this if you want to be able to compose solos like all great rock stars do. And again I can guarantee that you are thinking "None of my favourite bands use scales, why should I?" Well, sorry to put it bluntly but no, a lot of bands use scales, but throw in notes outside. Here is the pentatonic scale, run through it accending and deccending 5-6 times to get the hang of it.
Now try this with hammer-ons and pull-offs. This is just to get you used to the scale, moving up and down and being able to throw hammer-ons and pull offs into your solo.

Step two. Basic riffs.

Now we are beginning to turn this scale into tunes and licks ( A Lick is a tune repeated throughout a song or solo).
I know this seems easy but I'm trying to show what you can do with this scale different tunes you make out of it. This is a pretty common jazz riff, that some may recognise. You can play around with this tune to create more by either moving up or down a string or re-arranging notes.

Step Three. The Final Step, Well Sort Of.

Here it is, the bit you have been waiting for... time to rock! You mastered the scale, you mastered some basic riffs and now it's time to make your own solo. Well, my time is over, I hope you have all learnt what you have been meaning too, and I will leave you with some example of a solo using the Pentatonic scale. Led Zepellin-Stairway to Heaven The start using the solo except for one note ( As I mentioned before you can add notes outside of the scale to fill in gaps etc.)
Key 7b9: Means bend the note until it sounds like 9 (8): Note outside the scale thanks for reading and happy soloing, Rock on!
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