Soloing With Pedal Points

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Soloing With Pedal Points
Pedal points began as a classical music technique, but are used to great effect these days by rock and metal guitarists. The concept is simple: a pedal point is a sustained or repeated note, played against a melody.

Eric Johnson Rock Style:

G pedal tone:

J.S. Bach Classical Style:

D minor, with an A pedal tone:
G minor, with an D pedal tone:

Yngwie Malmsteen Neo-Classical Metal Style:

A minor with C/B pedal tones, E major with G# pedal tone:
The repeated note in each example known as the pedal tone. In the neo-classical example, there is a pedal made up of multiple B and C notes, which adds an extra degree of melody to the pattern. Pedal tones will always sound interesting when you add them to your solos, so try inventing your own ideas based off these examples! Thanks for watching this soloing tutorial, check out my YouTube channel for more guitar lessons!
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