Speed Up Your Soloing. Part III: Easy Multiple String Licks

Welcome back to "Speed up your Soloing"! In this lesson, I'm going to show you some easy multiple string licks. As in the previous lesson, the licks are all in the key of E minor.

Ultimate Guitar
In the previous lesson, I showed you some easy single string solo licks. In this lesson, we'll go a step higher and use at least two strings. Here's the first lick. It's a repeating lick that I use very often. It's played on the strings G and B. I play sixteenth notes. b=bending (1 step) h=hammer on p=pull off n=downstroke v=upstroke
  n  v     n  v     n  v     n  v
You can play this lick over two chords: Em or Am The next lick is a small descending E Minor Pentatonic sequence. It's played on the high E, B, G and D strings. As in the first lick, I play sixteenth notes, but the last note is a quarter note. I put vibrato on that note.
The next lick is uses the E Harmonic Minor scale. It uses a pedal point (a pedal point is a recurring note that's inserted within a melody line). The pedal point in this lick is the B at the 12th fret of the B string. Yngwie Malmsteen uses pedal points a lot. As in the previous lick, I play sixteenth notes, but the last note is a quarter note with vibrato. I use alternate picking here, so the melody on the G string is played with downstrokes and the pedal point is played with upstrokes.
That's it. In the next lesson, I'm going to show you some ascending and descending runs. I hope this lesson was helpful. Goodbye.

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    its me (again) you did a great a great job in this trilogy, but only one thing, you say these are licks... but if ppl put these in their songs and become rich and famous because of them, what'll happen to you? and most of these I use for warm-ups anyways ^_^ lol i love ur lessons so keep em up plz...
    Janes Krige
    Hi, This might be a dumb question, but Where can I get the meanings of all the dif methods' like b=bending h=hammer on p=pull off n=down stroke v=upstroke. I have no idea what it is.
    Yeah. Good lesson. Understandable 2 the Begginer guitarist and easy enough for a morale boost...
    its a good lesson but im puzzled because i cant find lessons that will help me because i either find 1s that are too hard or too easy i dnt know what i would class myself as
    i like only a lick the any licks is based in the A minor Pentatonic Scale, but is more effective play this licks with tremolo picking or tapping with 8va or make only minor chords